Home Improvement DIY a Step by Step – How to Install a Rain Shower Head

When it comes to home improvement most people like to fix up the bathroom. Nothing is more relaxing than having a nice bathroom. Many people believe in the old adage do it yourself when it comes to home improvement for several reasons with the main one being the saving of money. DIY home improvement can be a great way to add your own touch to any room of the house. It is very easy to install a shower head and if you want a touch of class you can even easily install a rain shower head.

Now here are the steps involved to install a rain shower head. For the most part the biggest portion of the replacement of a shower head is taking the old one off and then putting the new one on. Most do it yourself kits have explicit instructions on what needs to be done.

First you need to look at the existing shower head to see how loose it is. In order to not damage the pipes you may be able to twist it off by hand. You can also use a strap wrench or an adjustable wrench. When using an adjustable wrench you want to place some type of washcloth or towel over the pipe first to help protect them from the jaws of the wrench. Another good tip is to use two wrenches. One wrench holds the stem in place while the other is use to unscrew the head. Directions for this type of job usually tell you to wrap the threads of the inlet pipe with Teflon or pipe tape before putting the new showerhead on.

The final step is the installation of the new shower head. Be sure the threads are clean and then proceed to screw the new head on the stem and tighten it with your hand or a wrench. Again if you use a wrench use a towel to protect the pipes. Be sure not to over tighten the showerhead when you install it. In general a half turn past finger tight is sufficient. After you’re done you can be proud of your DIY home improvement job.

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